Day 261 of Hitler’s Chancellorship (Germany)

“After an exchange of niceties, I asked the Chancellor whether an incident on the Polish, Austrian or French border which drew an enemy into the Reich would be allowed to be a casus belli. Of course he said, ‘No, no.’ I then said in case such a thing were to occur in the Ruhr valley would you hold off and call a conference of the European powers? He said: ‘That would be my purpose, but we might not be able to restrain the German people.’ (I saw that he meant the violent Nazis whom he has trained to violence.) I continued: If you would wait and call a conference, Germany would regain her popularity outside. . . Many other subjects were touched upon. My final impression was of his belligerence and self-confidence.”

William E. Dodd, United States Ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Dodd’s Diaries, October 17, 1933